.CCA file extension

How to open file with .CCA extension?

Klaus Mehler, 28.08.2014

.CCA is the file extension developed by for the needs of their proprietary software. The files with the .CCA extension belong to the "Various Files" category. The full name of this type of files is CC: MAil Data. Files with the .CCA extension can be opened in several ways. The easiest is to install the manufacturer’s application. Fortunately, this is not the only method. There are many applications on the market that successfully open files with the .CCA extension. Below is a list of such applications. Among them are also applications fully free of charge for home use.

CC: MAil Data

Ads OS Software

Common Component Architecture

OS Software

Multimedia Fusion

OS Software
Multimedia Fusion Multimedia Fusion

After downloading and installing the software in our system, files with the .CCA extension should be automatically associated with the new application. With this association, the file can be opened by double-clicking the mouse. If for some reason we still cannot open the file with the .CCA extension, we still have one method. It involves the attempt to open the file from the installed application. Choosing from the menu "FILE", we perform the command "Open" and the explorer window we select the file we are interested in, and then we confirm by pressing enter. This method is more time-consuming, but enables us to definitively state whether we use the correct application to open the files with the .CCA extension. If we are sure of it, we then use the extended reference menu (shift key and right mouse button) and by selecting "Open With", we select the appropriate application and we permanently connect it with a file with the extension we are interested in.